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Continental Tyres

Established in 1871, the German brand Continental has established itself as one of the leading tyre manufacturers globally. Various reputed automobile manufacturers use Continental tyres as OE in their vehicles.

Are you searching for Continental tyres Long Eaton?

At TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD, we offer a massive collection of high-quality Continental tyres across different sizes for various car makes and models. Our in-house tyre experts will be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable set of Continental variants based on your vehicle and driving requirement.

To buy Continental tyres Long Eaton from us directly, please visit our garage on any business day. Alternatively, you can use the tyre selection tool on our website to select and purchase your preferred model online.

Top categories of Continental tyres we offer

We include different types of Continental models in our stock - summer, winter, all-season, run-flat, performance, 4x4, etc.

Take a look at some of our top-selling Continental tyres Long Eaton:

Winter Contact TS860

This winter variant from Continental comes with softer rubber compounds making it pliable even in extremely low temperatures. It features a deeper tread depth and increased grooves and sipes for enhanced handling, traction, steering response and braking efficiency on snow-covered tracks.

The PolarPlus Technology enables the tyre to reduce the braking distance on slippery winter surfaces.

EcoContact 6

Ideal for use in the hot summer months, this variant comes with a harder rubber compound and a shallower tread depth. Equipped with Continental’s patented GreenChili compound, this variant offers 15% less rolling resistance and 20% higher mileage compared to its predecessors.


This all-season variant from Continental offers enhanced grip, traction and top-notch performance and mileage round the year in moderate weather conditions. Moreover, the open shoulders enable this model to eliminate hydroplaning risks significantly.

Apart from these, we also stock the following models:

    • Performance tyres (ContiSportContact 5)
    • UHP tyres (PremiumContact 6)

So, what are you waiting for?

End your search for ‘tyres near me’ with us. Drive over to our facility and take a look at our collection of premium quality Continental car tyres Long Eaton.

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