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Avon is a British tyre manufacturer with more than a hundred years of experience in the pneumatic tyre industry. The company is very popular in the UK due to the improved car handling and wet track performance of its tyres. Further, Avon induces the latest technologies in its tyre manufacturing processes to ensure reliable on-road performance and extended service life.

TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD is a one-stop-shop for people looking to buy Avon car tyres Long Eaton. We shelve Avon tyres for every driving need to cater to diverse customer requirements. Moreover, clients can also seek advice from our experts in case they are in a dilemma about selecting tyres for their vehicles. We will make a recommendation based on your driving needs.

TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD is online! Now you can order your favourite Avon tyres from the comfort of your home. Please enter your car registration number or tyre details on our online tyre finder. You can browse through the available options and finalise your purchase of Avon tyres Long Eaton online based on your requirements.

Alternatively, you can drive down to our facility at 2 Phoenix Mills, Nottingham Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG10 2AA during our business hours to buy these tyres at the market-best prices.

Types of Avon tyres available at TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD


      Summer tyres from Avon are manufactured with a premium hard rubber compound and specially developed groove and tread pattern. These facilitate optimal tyre-surface contact and reduce tyre wear significantly besides offering reliable car handling and control on dry and wet surfaces.
    • AVON ZX7


      These variants from Avon feature deeper tread depth and softer rubber compounds. This helps these tyres to offer superior grip and traction on snow-laden roads. Further, denser sipes also improve the hydroplaning resistance – another reason for the popularity of our
Avon tyres Long Eaton


      An intermediate tread depth and an asymmetric tread pattern enable these tyres to offer enhanced cornering control and braking performance in both dry and wet conditions.AS7 All SEASON


      These tyres feature a robust tyre carcass and wide shoulder blocks to deliver uncompromised steering precision and car control on uneven terrains and in on-road conditions as well.

Alongside, we also retail run-flat and performance tyres Long Eaton from an array of other reputable brands in the premium, mid-range and budget segments.

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