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Are you looking for Tyre repair for your vehicle?

Tyre repair can be a good alternative to purchasing a new tyre.

Although there is an array of DIY tyre repair kits available in the market, experts strongly advise not to use these. Always opt for tyre repairs from professionals as only they can inspect the tyres, decide if and how they can be repaired to make sure a repair is safe.

Incomplete or inaccurate repairs can be dangerous!

Thus, for save tyre repair Long Eaton come to us - TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD, your reliable workshop.

TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD is a go-to destination for competitively priced tyre repairs Long Eaton. Our experts use only the best materials, modern tools and advanced procedures to facilitate cost-effective and reliable tyre repairs. Further, we ensure that the tyre meets the legal standards for roadworthiness through stringent inspections before proceeding with the repairs.

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Is it possible to repair all tyres legally?

First of all, our experts will inspect your car tyre thoroughly and check its condition. We perform tyre repair services Long Eaton only when:

    • Your car tyre features a tread depth of at least 1.6mm – a legal minimum to drive in the UK. If the tyre tread depth is near to or below 1.6mm, we recommend the fitting of a new tyre.
    • Nearly 3/4th of a tyre’s central strip is instrumental in maintaining optimum tyre-surface contact. As a result, this area sustains maximum wear and tear. This section, also known as the minor damage area, is easily repairable at our facility.
    • A tyre’s sidewalls play a key role in facilitating cornering control and stability without compromising its load-bearing ability. Damage to this section affects a tyre’s structural integrity, thereby endangering your on-road safety. We won’t conduct repairs in this case.
    • Tyre carcass condition is of paramount importance to ensure superior braking, traction, car control, and grip, among others. TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD’s professionals do not perform tyre repairs Long Eaton on tyres with exposed cords or puncture or cuts exceeding 6mm.

How do we conduct tyre repairs Long Eaton at TK AUTOCENTRES LONG EATON LTD?

      As a reliable answer to your tyre repair shop near me searches, we provide tyre repairs implementing three most popular and effective methods:
  • Plugging
  • Patching
  • Plug & Patch

Please note that we strictly abide by the BS AU 159 standards while conducting puncture repairs.

When should you opt for a tyre repairing service?

Some common signs of damaged tyres (apart from the obvious, flat tyres) are:

  • Car drifts when you apply the brakes
  • Increased braking distance
  • Reduced car control
  • Juddering wheels
  • A blinking TPMS warning light
    • Increased difficulty in maintaining stability while driving on a straight road

Therefore, if you notice any of the above signs, do not hesitate to drop by our facility at 2 Woodville Road, Overseal, Nottingham, Nottingham DE12 6JG for professional and prompt tyre repairs Long Eaton.

We are here for you!

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