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Whenever you change car tyres, you must stick to the tyre size recommended by the manufacturer for maximum handling safety and driving comfort.

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It is imperative to know the tyre size of your vehicle, as stated already.

However, it can be quite confusing for you to understand these codes at times. At Tyre King, our team of technicians will help you to choose suitable tyres as per your requirements and your manufacturer’s recommended standards.

Tyres size explained

You can find the tyre size code on the sidewall of the tyres. To make sure, your vehicle has the right size tyres mounted (especially if you have bought a used car), have a look at the so-called Tyre placard – a metal label you can normally find in the driver side door frame, inside the fuel cap or in the glove box. You can also find the tyre size information in the vehicle handbook. These alphanumeric codes provide vital data about your car tyres.

Tyre width:

First three digits denote the sectional width of the tyres.

Aspect ratio:

Next two digits signify the aspect ratio or the profile of a tyre. It is obtained by dividing the height of a tyre’s sidewalls by its width and then multiplying it by 100.


Almost all new tyres sold in the UK are of radial construction. Hence, they are denoted by ‘R’. Other types of tyre constructions include diagonal-cross ply and bias belt. They are denoted by ‘D’ and ‘B’, respectively.

Rim diameter:

The next two digits in the sequence show the size of rim diameter in inches.

Load index: The next two numbers represent how much load a car tyre can withhold when inflated to its optimal, safe limit.

Speed rating:

The speed rating shows the maximum speed up to which a tyre can run safely with its corresponding load capacity. It is denoted by different letters like ‘H’ ,‘V’, ‘R’, ‘S’, etc.

To understand this better, let’s use an example: 195/55 R16 87V

    • 195 is the width of this tyre that is represented in millimetres.
    • 55 denote the ‘aspect ratio’ or ‘profile’ of this tyre in question.
    • R means that it is a tyre of radial construction.
    • 16 is the size of the wheel rim, and it is represented in inches.
    • 87 shows the load capacity of this tyre.
    • V denotes the speed rating of this tyre.

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